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Dear  Members,

We did this  project on 1st June 2017  at  Padumaththaramay Temple  - Mathara 
we went there and handed over 3 Boxes  of stuff  which includes  following
1. Women undergarments /  sanitary items   ( Invoice is attached  from Pamunuwa  Maharagama   and  Cargils. (16,800+8866.000)   =     Rs. 25,666.00/=
2.Towels   25  (invoice is attached)   = Rs.   3,200.00/=
Total Cost of the project   is  Rs.28,866.00/=
We met the main reverent , Paduma Thero at the   temple   along with  Mr and Mrs  Jayawardena  who are the members of lions club of Nilwala . they appreciated  our effort and   going there and personally  handed over the stuff to them.

The temple is  a distribution center  of food and  other essential goods  since none of the  villagers  can  not come to the temple. The people in the other side who are the Dhayakyas  of the  temple  go by Boat and  distribute  the essential  stuff to them.
Part of this temple  also  has gone  under food and  when we went there it is  ok and it is situated  adjoining the Niawala River .
The contribution  I received
Lion Daya - Rs.    5000.00
Lion Joe   - Rs   10,000.00
Total          Rs.15,000.00
Lion  Hemantha  :  Z/C